Beyond Sustainable Scarves

A current trend that we are seeing these days is sustainability. Sustainability of products are making a mark not just in the fashion world, but in almost every aspect of life.

We are beginning to see sustainable bags, sustainable pots, sustainable energy, sustainable beauty, sustainable shoes and lots more. A lot of fashion retailers are also following the trend by implementing sustainability in the brand DNA. It varies from the type of packaging they have, to the materials they use is their apparels and even recycling customers unwanted clothes.

To see the world slowly taking its precautionary measures to be greener is amazing! One of the brands we welcomed on our platforms believes and has implemented sustainability in its products.

Introducing, NEA!

Their scarves were sourced from premium fabric houses in mainly Italy, Portugal and Spain. Most of the scarves were made by focusing on natural fabrics like bamboo, tencell, organic cotton, lycra.

As for their beautiful chiffon scarves, they used recycled polyester to make them. You wouldn’t think that it is as the quality of the material is good! It’s flowy, drapes well and it has a soft texture. Isn’t that amazing?

Despite the scarves being made from reused material, they still look absolutely amazing and we love it. The scarves are suitable for daily wear, gorgeous, colourful and most importantly, eco-friendly. We definitely wouldn’t mind adding this to our scarf collection, and we guarantee you won’t regret having a NEA scarf as part of scarf collection!

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