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As of the 25th of June, the World Health Organization gave the world a warning that the number of global cases for Covid-19 COULD REACH A 10,000,000 COUNT! That’s a huge number guys! Even the health leaders in the UK fear that there might be a second wave! Some may see this disease as a fake disease. Some even feel that it’s worth taking the risk to just go about their daily lives without taking extra precautions. Ladies and gents, this is not FAKE. This is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC! There... Read More

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We are sure you have heard about this movement. It is now one of the biggest ongoing movement on a global scale. Black Lives Matter is an organized movement dedicated to non-violent civil disobedience in protest to alleged incidents of police brutality. It was founded years ago, however it was after the death of George Floyd when everyone finally united and took a stand. On May 25, 2020, Floyd was arrested on a charge of passing a fake $20 bill in one of the stores in his neighbourhood. The store... Read More


Achieving Dreams in 2018

We all have dreams we wish to achieve and 2018 is just the year for that. The years pass us by as if they are nothing more than a simple memory, counting the memories on our fingertips as they slowly drift away. How to motivate yourself: We know it can be hard to find that motivation, but it’s about taking that first step- that will open up a greater path. You must clear your mind and gather your thoughts, the negativity that once gathered inside your mind should be set... Read More

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The Ultimate Guide To Hajj: What To Pack For Hajj

With the masses of information to absorb and the sheer volume of planning you need to undertake, for many, preparing for Hajj can be somewhat of an overwhelming task! From all the questions you’ve ever wanted answering to a handy Hajj packing checklist, here at Modestrove we thought we’d take some of the weight off that stressful planning period. We’ve put together the Ultimate Hajj Guide, so you can relax and look forward to the wonderful Hajj experience totally stress-free!   What is Hajj? In its most basic terms, the... Read More

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We as a Nation – “We Will Never be Cowed”

We as a Nation – “We Will Never be Cowed” My city was under threat. A beautiful day was marred with the Westminster Attack. This was not an attack on just one person, it’s an attack on humanity itself. It affected all of us. I was born in this city, I live in this city, I love this city. It’s mine, it’s ours. Any sort of terror and chaos can never ever be in the name of religion. Anyone claiming to do so is merely using the purity of faith... Read More