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Yes, we know. Well, we can feel it. Autumn is definitely here. The damp and wet London weather is finally back. Some may enjoy it, but we know lots of would prefer being indoors. We’re sure snuggling at home in a comfy sweater and a cup of cocoa with teenie-tiny marshmallows is way better than a day out, right? Let’s fill it up with a mini moisture-locking & detoxify-ing skincare routine shall we. We can guarantee your skin will THANK you for this! Remove it all! Yes, ladies! First and... Read More

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Summer Fashion

Ahhh summer. Nothing like waking up to a ray of sunshine hitting through your window. Although the heat is starting to bug people on most days, we always need to look at the greener side of this situation and make the best out of it. There’s more reason for you to have ice-cream everyday now (yes!), and the more reason for picnics, barbeques and gatherings. But you know what I am mostly excited for when summer is approaching? New clothes! I love exploring new trends that pop out every year.... Read More


The Pursuit of Happiness

The world is your playground. Every day, we wake up to expect the best out of the day. We work, we strive, and we earn. No matter what we are working towards, it is always the best step to prepare and be ready to encounter all possibilities and hurdles. The best way? Is by having a calm and positive you. Putting yourself in a calm and positive state means more than just stabilizing your mind and soul. It also means to care for your body. We are advised to spend... Read More



Ramadan Kareem to all that is celebrating! Well, not much of a celebrating is going on when it is also the time for a month long of fasting.. Yes, as much as it is a challenge to our patience, let’s make use of this month to connect with our inner self and belief so it’ll will be a blessed and joyous month. Fasting for more than half of a day is difficult and tiring. Especially when you have to go to work, using your energy and having to pass by... Read More


Tips on Healthy Eating

‘Eat healthy and you’ll live longer..’, ‘Eat healthy so you won’t fall sick.. ‘ Eat this, not that..’   We hear how people are always bugging about the topic of healthy eating and good food or bad food. We as human, we will always want to live a happy and healthy life. We want to look good and feel good. And of course, it all starts from within, including what we eat. But what exactly to eat? Imagine our body is a car that requires fuel for energy and good... Read More


Gift Guide For Her: Master The Art Of Gift Giving

Isn’t there just something so joyful about gift giving? Seeing a loved one’s face light up when presented with a thoughtful gift is a feeling that can’t really be beaten! The only issue is — what to actually buy them?! Finding the perfect gift can be tricky business, but fear not — at Modestrove we’re here to lend a hand! Whether you’re splashing out for a special occasion such as a birthday, Ramadan, Eid, Christmas or New Year, or you’re simply wanting to show someone you care, we’ve put together... Read More


Our Top 6 Hijab Organisation Tips

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You have a special event coming up — perhaps a big day at work, or a party you’ve been looking forward to for months? You’ve put together the perfect outfit and have just the hijab in mind to complete your look, but, as you’re getting ready, you realise with horror that it’s nowhere to be found! Your headscarves are all thrown together in a drawer; they’re unorganised, creased, and they take forever to sift through. The stress is building and before you... Read More