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Why You Should Really Consider Vegan Skin Care Products

It’s undeniable that veganism continues to change our lives. It’s not just the food we eat and the clothes we wear — even skin care brands are opting for more plant-based and cruelty-free ingredients! Here are some good reasons why you might consider switching, too: FOR THE ANIMALS We’ve all seen the viral videos of overcrowded animal cages in agricultural farms. Unfortunately, the practice of animal testing in the cosmetic industry only contributes to further mistreatment of our furry friends. This is why Europe has already banned the distribution of... Read More



Have you heard about the new brand on board our website, Wirdora? You haven’t? Well, get ready to be wow-ed! Wirdora is a premium accessory brand with accessories embedded with authentic Swarovski Crystals! Swarovski designs, manufactures and markets crystals, genuine gemstones & created stones and finished products such as jewelry and accessories, beauty products, and lighting. Wirdora has accessories in forms of pins, rings and pendants. Let’s first talk about the rings! The rings are to die for! They come in such elegant designs, you’d want all of it! The rings are not just for you... Read More



Have you ever heard of the term ” the disposable hijab ” ? Maybe, you’ve read about it. To those who haven’t, here’s what you need to know! About a week ago, we read about it in an article and we were very much wowed by it! It all started with the efforts and experiences faced by a very young Malaysian doctor. She is known as Dr Farah Shaheera Roslan. Being a doctor who is a hijabi, there will always be that slight anxious feeling when you’re in the same... Read More


Ramadan – The Epitome of Modesty.

Soon, (actually by this Saturday), you might start seeing your Muslim friends at work or neighbors doing that annual ‘fasting’ thing that they do, that you’ve heard about a little over the years, but didn’t think too much of it or might have been too shy to ask, just in case you might come off as ignorant. You might think fasting all day long without food or water would be something really tasking and difficult or…, is it just water no food for half a day?? Whatever the case, I... Read More