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Why You Should Really Consider Vegan Skin Care Products

It’s undeniable that veganism continues to change our lives. It’s not just the food we eat and the clothes we wear — even skin care brands are opting for more plant-based and cruelty-free ingredients! Here are some good reasons why you might consider switching, too: FOR THE ANIMALS We’ve all seen the viral videos of overcrowded animal cages in agricultural farms. Unfortunately, the practice of animal testing in the cosmetic industry only contributes to further mistreatment of our furry friends. This is why Europe has already banned the distribution of... Read More

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Magic Mud? Mud that is Magic? Really? What exactly is Magic Mud? It’s clay! It is the secret to great skin that’s hidden on the surface of the earth. We live in an era where we have forgotten that cultures throughout the ages used many healing clays for their nutrients and to help rid toxins from our body. How do clay help us exactly? It acts as an antiseptic agent. It disinfects the skin an improves blood circulation Cures multiple skin irritations. Among them are eczema, rashes, dryness and acne... Read More