Gift Guide For Her: Master The Art Of Gift Giving

Isn’t there just something so joyful about gift giving?

Seeing a loved one’s face light up when presented with a thoughtful gift is a feeling that can’t really be beaten! The only issue is — what to actually buy them?!

Finding the perfect gift can be tricky business, but fear not — at Modestrove we’re here to lend a hand! Whether you’re splashing out for a special occasion such as a birthday, Ramadan, Eid, Christmas or New Year, or you’re simply wanting to show someone you care, we’ve put together the ultimate gift guide for her, alongside some helpful little gift giving tips.

Sit back, and prepare to be inspired!


Gifts for the beauty lover

Is there that one lady in your life who is all about the latest beauty and skincare products? Across the Modestrove beauty collection you can explore a variety of treats for her to pamper herself to her heart’s content!

  • Millionaire Peptide Pro Collagen Boosting Moisturiser and Eye Cream

Skincare lovers will fall head over heels with the Millionaire Peptide Pro Collagen Boosting Moisturiser and Eye Cream. This lightweight cream promises hydration, protection, and skin that looks plumped, bright and youthful — what more could she want? Well, perhaps the Millionaire Peptide Pro Exfoliating Liquid Gel Hydrating Serum! Used just before the Millionaire Moisturiser, this glorious serum increases skin elasticity and collagen production for a complexion that has never looked better. Add on the fact that each product is 100% natural, vegan, halal and chemical free, and they really are a no-brainer gift for the ethical beauty enthusiast in your life!


Gifts for the fashionista

What lady doesn’t love new clothes? If you’re confident in their style, the gift of modest clothing or fashion accessories such as head scarves is the ideal way to see in a special occasion!

  • Aeshah Collection Raniyah Maxi Dress

The seasonal winter period is jam packed full of parties and fancy events. If you’re on the lookout for a clothing gift for a fashion-conscious lady, why not treat her to the Aeshah Collection Raniyah Maxi Dress? With a floaty chiffon fabric, a sleek and sophisticated black design and fabulous embellished detailing, she really will be the belle of the ball in this stunning dress!

Fashion accessories such as bags and hijabs are perfect for finishing a look and really making it pop. For headwear offering a fun and fashionable injection of colour, look no further than the Bubblegumhijab collection. The Bubblegumhijab Poppy Prints Scarf in Mermaid is our firm favourite, and guaranteed to make the day of any potential lucky giftee.

If you’re looking to really splash out on someone special, treat her to the Theselina Mini Duffle London Edition. In a eye catching green shade and constructed from the highest quality leather, this ladies handbag is sure to take any look up a notch or two.

For the on-the-go modern lady, how about the Theselina Multi-Purpose Charger Pouch? This bold and beautiful blue clutch bag features a portable charger suitable for iPhone and Android devices, making it the ideal gift for any self-confessed social media addicts!


Top Gift Giving Tips

Whatever you have in mind and whatever the occasion, follow these top five tips to ensure your gift goes down a storm…

  • Have good intentions

The intention of your gift is the most important thing. Never give a gift just to expect something back — you should be treating people because you want to and because it makes you happy!

  • Pay attention!

If you’re struggling for gift ideas, listen to your loved one. Even without explicitly saying, they will drop hints about things they like and are interested in. Also be sure to consider their circumstances; are they heading off on holiday soon? Perhaps they’ve just moved house? All these things can give you vital clues for gifts that won’t only be appreciated, but will be useful too.

  • Buy well in advance

If you know you have a special occasion coming up, always buy gifts as early as possible — there is nothing worse than panic shopping! You end up pressured, flustered, and grabbing the first thing that seems appropriate. Give yourself plenty of time to consider what you want to buy, to ensure both you and your recipient get the most out of the gifting experience.

  • Shop online

Shopping online can take much of the stress out of gift buying. We all know, particularly at this time of year, that high streets aren’t exactly the most relaxing of places! Instead of battling with hoards of busy shoppers, snuggle up with a nice cup of tea and complete all your shopping without even leaving the house.

  • It’s what’s outside that counts

Even the smallest and most humble of gifts can make a fantastic impression — it all comes down to packaging. Put some time and effort into presentation, because those thoughtful little touches can make all the difference!

For further gift inspiration, be sure to explore the full women’s collection at Modestrove. From modern modest clothing and accessories to homeware and wellness goods across our lifestyle range, you’re sure to discover the perfect thoughtful treat to make anyone’s day.

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