Miss M Ascia

Hello my lovelies, It’s the start of a new month, which means … a new Modest Crush!


It thrills me to introduce Ascia Al Faraj as our November Modest Crush, better known to most of us as Ascia AKF. One of the giants in the modest fashion industry, she has worked with some of the biggest names in the world of high fashion: Ralph Lauren, Dior, and Chanel to name just a few. But it is her recent collaboration with Italian online fashion retailer Net-a-Porter that really struck a chord with me.

Her past four styling blogs with Net-a-Porter were filled with a mishmash of patterns against more patterns. I was riveted at the bold clashes of colours and prints – they were ingeniously chic. One of the fashion don’ts that I learned early on in life was: DON’T WEAR PATTERNS WITH PATTERNS. And I absolutely loved how she completed ignored this misguided advice and showed the world exactly how wonderful it was to mix and match, creating a bold, impactful style. My personal favourite is her Summer Lovin’ Styling, and I would recommend that my dear readers have a look for inspiration in finding their own personal style.

Beyond her impeccable taste in clothes, I have to admit that I have spent hours devouring her Vlogs. I love daydreaming of my own future travels while I watch her roam the cities of Milan, London, and New York City (always looking super fly and fabulous), and I find myself laughing till my belly hurts at her quick wit in her day-to-day life. It amazes me that she is able to totally rock at her professional life and still maintain a personal blog depicting her beautiful personal life. Again, I draw inspiration from so many different modest women and Ascia AKF definitely inspires me to reach that perfect work-personal life equilibrium.

As some of you might have noticed, Ascia AKF and October’s style icon Dina Tokio have collaborated on their YouTube channels, and oh my word, are they absolutely wonderful together! I wholly recommend watching two of their videos here and here.

And if you want to binge on everything Ascia AKF related, head on over to her website, YouTube channel, and follow her on Instagram to see what amazingness she’s been up to.

Till then, my lovelies, enjoy a month of Ascia AKF goodness!

Modestly yours,

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