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5 Must Have Trends For Summer

Summer is finally upon us, and as the days get longer and warmer, it’s time to think about giving our wardrobes a good old seasonal refresh. Summer is the perfect time to get adventurous: from trying an exciting new trends to extending your colour palette, hot days leave us feeling inspired and creative when it comes to our fashion choices. Of course, the key thing to consider when it comes to hot summer days is practicality. Particularly for those of us who favour a more modest style of dress, keeping... Read More


Ramadan – The Epitome of Modesty.

Soon, (actually by this Saturday), you might start seeing your Muslim friends at work or neighbors doing that annual ‘fasting’ thing that they do, that you’ve heard about a little over the years, but didn’t think too much of it or might have been too shy to ask, just in case you might come off as ignorant. You might think fasting all day long without food or water would be something really tasking and difficult or…, is it just water no food for half a day?? Whatever the case, I... Read More


Modesty in the Media

  Modesty and the media have a long and complicated relationship. In a world where those who demand attention receive it, for a long time modest women have been shunned in the media in favour of bigger, louder, and more prominent personalities. Recently, however, we are seeing somewhat of a modest revolution. More and more, the media is showcasing female role models who bring modesty into their modern lifestyle, showing that ladies can be confident and look fantastic while still upholding modest values. Modesty is creeping up through the cracks... Read More

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Victoria Beckham – Making it Modest

Personally, I think Victoria Beckham’s style sense is stylish, consistent and impeccably modest. She remains true to her figure, to her values and ideals as her collections have been consistent to that theme. Looking at her fashion sense through the years evokes a strong Coco Chanel presence. Classy & Modest She keeps things neat, trim, unfussy, flowing and user adaptable. Just look at the classic flow of this black and white striped long skirt. Easy to move about in, goes below the knees, and keeping it classy at the same... Read More

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6 Strong Women & their Unique Style Identities

Ever notice that strong women are stylish women too? We thought it’s time we highlight pretty strong women of our time and take note of their distinctive styles. Women who make statements and beyond with their personal fashion choices, while staying true to themselves and aren’t afraid to be different. Of course we also love their modest appearance. We present you with 2 Royalties, 2 First Ladies, a Talk Show queen and 1 Fashion trailblazer. We realize all these women have 3 key elements in place that make them unique,... Read More

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We as a Nation – “We Will Never be Cowed”

We as a Nation – “We Will Never be Cowed” My city was under threat. A beautiful day was marred with the Westminster Attack. This was not an attack on just one person, it’s an attack on humanity itself. It affected all of us. I was born in this city, I live in this city, I love this city. It’s mine, it’s ours. Any sort of terror and chaos can never ever be in the name of religion. Anyone claiming to do so is merely using the purity of faith... Read More


What Women Can Learn from Amal Clooney?

For those of you who still may not know, Amal (Amaluddin) Clooney is that famous Lebanese born, UK based raven haired Human Rights lawyer married to blockbuster star George Clooney. Now a lot of people may not know she fled war torn Lebanon when she was just 2 and got a scholarship to attend Oxford University where she studied International Law, topping that off with a Masters from NYU and working as a lawyer for Doughty Street Chambers, with such clients as Julian Assange. Now she’s married to a handsome,... Read More



Happy day Modestbabes! Raindrops on roses Whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles with warm woolen mittens Brown paper packages ties up with strings These are a few of my favourite things One of my many favourite things is having the door opened for me when I go to the mall or a hotel. It makes me feel special, like a princess without having to be royal. If I like being treated like a princess, I’m pretty sure so do the people who open the doors. They are only humans and... Read More


Of Poetry & Fashion

Hey there, Modestbabes! I always tell everyone, fashion and poetry are one. They can’t really be separated. They’re both are expressions of art, love, values and passion. In this month of Burns, I thought I’ll just share his poetry. I’m pretty sure he’s referring to Modesty and Love in this one: Song-yonder Pomp of Costly Fashion Told you fashion  MARK yonder pomp of costly fashion Round the wealthy, titled bride: But when compar’d with real passion, Poor is all that princely pride. Mark yonder, &c. (four lines repeated). What are... Read More


5 Tips to Slay 2017 without Making Resolutions

Now that the New Year is here, it’s time to renew our intentions and make it our mission to slay 2017. For us at Modestrove London, it’s definitely the start to a new beginning one that we hope will bring everyone to greater heights. Yes! Last year has been quite a challenging year for a lot of us. This year is the time for all of us to get together, chin up and be grateful for all that we’ve accomplished so far.  This year is the year we celebrate humanity,... Read More