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Super Moon, Super MODEST, Super Red!

Hey, there, lovely Modestbabes! Today, the Super Moon is happening and it’s an exciting time to live in.  It’s the time where awakening takes place and amazing things manifest. Everyone at Modestrove London is super excited to catch the moon today, as not only it’s the biggest, closest and brightest supermoon of this year, it’s the closest supermoon since January 26th, 1948. According to NASA, The next time the moon gets this close you’ll have to wait another 18 years till November 25th 2034! Despite the negativities surrounding us right... Read More

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“BE MODEST-It’s an admirable quality that not many possess.” Polka Doti

  Hey there! Welcome to our wonderful Planet Modest. I’m Miss M, your host on this modest journey of ours and we’re so excited to share what we have in store for all you Modestrovians out there! Yes, that’s you! Definition of Modestbabes: A lady citizen of the world who loves and advocates modest values into their modern lifestyle and invites others to do the same. From fashion, to cosmetics, to lifestyle, we’re on a mission to delight you with our modest inspirations through the website as well as our... Read More