Ramadan Kareem to all that is celebrating! Well, not much of a celebrating is going on when it is also the time for a month long of fasting.. Yes, as much as it is a challenge to our patience, let’s make use of this month to connect with our inner self and belief so it’ll will be a blessed and joyous month.

Fasting for more than half of a day is difficult and tiring. Especially when you have to go to work, using your energy and having to pass by your favourite bakery (eeps!) The best way for us to make use of these last few days is to look beyond than just holding your temptations and urges. Here is a list of things I have learned (or yet to learn or do) about Ramadan.

  1. Learn to be more appreciative – when you lose one thing, you’ll appreciate it more. Losing the ability to eat throughout the day helps make us realize how fortunate we are than others who are more unprivileged.
  2. Be more mindful – the beauty of fasting helps us to be more mindful of ourselves, mindful of the time we spend throughout the day and our actions.
  3. Understand the art of being patient – fasting does not test our patience in gorging down food, but also patience in communicating with people and dealing with daily tasks.
  4. Giving back to the people – this Holy month is one of the best month to give a small part of our effort to the people who are in more need than others. Give a little, either in the form of time, money or food even.

Of course, there are more things to do to fully appreciate this Holy month. With a couple of days left, I am sure we can all still make some changes on how we treat and think during this month so that we will end Ramadan will a smile on our faces. Till next time.

Your Modest Blogger,

Yasmin Norazharuddin

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