Have you heard about the new brand on board our website, Wirdora? You haven’t? Well, get ready to be wow-ed!

Wirdora is a premium accessory brand with accessories embedded with authentic Swarovski Crystals! Swarovski designs, manufactures and markets crystals, genuine gemstones & created stones and finished products such as jewelry and accessories, beauty products, and lighting.

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Wirdora has accessories in forms of pins, rings and pendants. Let’s first talk about the rings! The rings are to die for! They come in such elegant designs, you’d want all of it! The rings are not just for you to put on your finger, but… it is also meant for your scarf! It acts as a wonderful addition to add some sparkle, some weight and some elegance!

Miranda Scarf Ring by Wirdora

The Wirdora pins are super cute and one of a kind! Like the rings, they are embedded with Swarovski crystals too. They have small pins and slightly bigger pins. They even have pins that you can use as an accessory for your coats and your scarves. If you would prefer that your scarf stay intact and in position, the Wirdora pins are for you! The needles attached to the pin are made of super sharp needles which are guaranteed safe for your apparels.

FUN FACT : Did you know that MANY celebrities were dressed in Swarovski filled dresses?

Shakira & Jennifer Lopez during the 2020 Superbowl Performance
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Rihanna at the CFDA Fashion Awards 2014

What are you waiting for ladies! Time to get yours today!

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