Summer Fashion

Ahhh summer. Nothing like waking up to a ray of sunshine hitting through your window. Although the heat is starting to bug people on most days, we always need to look at the greener side of this situation and make the best out of it. There’s more reason for you to have ice-cream everyday now (yes!), and the more reason for picnics, barbeques and gatherings. But you know what I am mostly excited for when summer is approaching? New clothes! I love exploring new trends that pop out every year. So, what is in and what is out for this year? Let’s talk about that:

  1. Pants, pants, pants! It’s the year of pants, people. From suits to joggers, pants are your best friends. Don’t let the length stop you from getting one because of the heat. Why not get a pair of linen pants? They are airy and comfortable to get through the day. Switch up your style from skinny to wide leg to get that air flow.

2.Button front tops are everywhere. Light material tops with that cute button accents on the front really compliments this year summer. Don’t forget to check out button front skirts and dresses as well. Gorgeous for picnics and day outs.

3. Polka dots and stripes are the major prints people are looking at this season, especially on jumpsuits and playsuits.


4.Co-ordinates. Full stop. I mean, what is cuter and shouts summer than co-ords?


5. Old school is really back when you see flare pants in every store. Pair them with that new button front top you just bought, and you are good to go.


6. Cliché, but floral will always have a special place in our hearts when we talk about summer. A floral maxi dress? You can never say no.


These are just to name a few of the most popular ones, and I know there is more. With the sale that just starts, you can’t afford to miss this chance to shop and experiment without hurting your bank account.

Your friendly blogger.

Yasmin Norazharuddin

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