Super Moon, Super MODEST, Super Red!

Hey, there, lovely Modestbabes!

Today, the Super Moon is happening and it’s an exciting time to live in.  It’s the time where awakening takes place and amazing things manifest.

Everyone at Modestrove London is super excited to catch the moon today, as not only it’s the biggest, closest and brightest supermoon of this year, it’s the closest supermoon since January 26th, 1948. According to NASA, The next time the moon gets this close you’ll have to wait another 18 years till November 25th 2034!

Despite the negativities surrounding us right now, I think that’s something positive we should all look forward to – the moon’s high vibrational energy exuding on Earth.

These past few months, with Brexit in the picture and Donald Trump just getting elected, our world has become more divided and challenging than ever. But, let’s not forget one thing. We are ALL RED!  Yes. We are.

Whether you’re a Man U fan or a Liverpool fan, they’re both RED. Today, more than ever we have to go back to who we truly are. We’re all human. We cry, we laugh, we hurt and we bleed. Your blood and my blood, they’re both RED too. It’s time we acknowledge that. It’s time we embrace back modesty, humility, most of all humanity.

This winter season, red has become the inspiring colour. In UK, our iconic red Double Decker buses and phone booths give our London, a unique, distinct look. Against, the cold, winter grey, red just brightens the day.

This season the Aurora Red, pantone number 18 – 1550 is truly rocking it! It’s a bold red with some sensual warm undertones, wrapped with some mysterious dust. Don’t we all need that? The Pantone’s Institute said it gets the metaphorical blood of the palette pumping.

I love how it looks on our winter coat, a sweater or even on our scarf to keep us warm and high spirited. The blood can be seen in its most zealous pumping at Christian Siriano through a range of outfits, from model’s lips to their footwear.

I’ve put together an Aurora Red mood board to lift you up and provide style inspiration to carry you through the dark winter days. Hopefully with RED in the picture, we all will unite and come together to celebrate our oneness, equality, and values.

Most of all I hope this season’s Aurora Red will remind us of LOVE and as humans, that’s what we’re made of.

Modestly Yours,
Miss M

P/S: I’m loving my Aurora Red scarf over my black bomber jacket. Try splash some red on your black outfit and share your #ootd with us with the hashtag #ModestroveRED and #weareallred. Can’t wait to see what our creative Modestbabes will put together 😉

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