Have you ever heard of the term ” the disposable hijab ” ?

Maybe, you’ve read about it. To those who haven’t, here’s what you need to know!

About a week ago, we read about it in an article and we were very much wowed by it! It all started with the efforts and experiences faced by a very young Malaysian doctor. She is known as Dr Farah Shaheera Roslan.

Being a doctor who is a hijabi, there will always be that slight anxious feeling when you’re in the same room with other medical professionals who are non-hijabis. The anxiety can easily come from thinking about whether your hijab suits the sanitary standard, or if you’d have to replace your hijab with something uncomfortable. As a doctor who is mainly in the Accidents and Emergency Department, being scrubbed in to operation theatres for observations is quite common. She has had experiences where she was told to change to a proper orthopaedic hood, which on occasion kept her focus away from what’s happening in front of her, to what’s on her head and how uncomfortable she feels. Farah did a lot of research and discovered that many women wearing headscarves experienced problems in operating theatres. Mainly on an emotional level where they either felt embarrassed or anxious. Imagine walking into work every single day feeling glum


So, she decided that something has to be done. It all began with meeting a consultant microbiologist with a special interest in dress code policy and infection control. She gained insights that lead her to speak to other sources as well. She stepped up and spoke to representatives from the British Islamic Medical Association to discuss on what has been done to overcome this problem in within the community. She was assisted and helped by many professionals around her which led her to discovering suppliers from all over the world to help her out.

Once a design was decided on, she showed a picture of her in her latest innovation to her supervisor and they were happy enough to approve it. A week after, the deputy general manager theatre lead of UHDB emailed her personally to inform her, that they have ordered their first ever batch of the disposable hijab to be supplied to all their theatres in within their trust.


We are so proud of you Dr Farah! Your effort and hard work will be cherished and very much appreciated by those who need these in the medical industry, now and the many years to come!

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