The Pursuit of Happiness

The world is your playground. Every day, we wake up to expect the best out of the day. We work, we strive, and we earn. No matter what we are working towards, it is always the best step to prepare and be ready to encounter all possibilities and hurdles. The best way? Is by having a calm and positive you.

Putting yourself in a calm and positive state means more than just stabilizing your mind and soul. It also means to care for your body. We are advised to spend a few minutes in a day to work on ourselves before and after a long day. Just by doing some simple steps, a better outcome will be produced, and great days await in the end.

Here are some tips to begin and end the day with:

  • Make your blessings – appreciating what you have in life and what you can give to the world is a good reminder and motivation
  • Lemon water – this wakes up and kickstarts your digestive system to ensure a smoother process throughout the day

  • Stretching – get your blood flowing and wake your muscles up

  • Breakfast packed with fibre and protein – nothing like a happy and healthy stomach to start the day

  • Acts of kindness – be kind to others and the world will be kind to you, even just by passing a smile
  • Exercise – 30 minutes in a day, that’s all it takes to help de-stress and gets the endorphin (happy hormone) flowing in your body.

  • Reward yourself – go on and treat yourself even if its for a small achievement, and it doesn’t need to be something that needs to be bought. Just enjoy a long bath, a skincare routine or a good and delicious meal.

We as humans, we need to learn to balance and re-balance when things get messy and tensed. Happiness is important to live a rewarding life full of accomplishments and love. Till’ next time, dear readers.

Your Friendly Blogger,

Yasmin Norazharuddin

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