Tips on Healthy Eating

‘Eat healthy and you’ll live longer..’,

‘Eat healthy so you won’t fall sick.. ‘

Eat this, not that..’  

We hear how people are always bugging about the topic of healthy eating and good food or bad food. We as human, we will always want to live a happy and healthy life. We want to look good and feel good. And of course, it all starts from within, including what we eat. But what exactly to eat?

Imagine our body is a car that requires fuel for energy and good care. The more junk we feed it and the less we care for it, the more problem it will bring and the shorter its lifespan will be.

But, this should not be a reason to be scared to eat and enjoy food. Food is a source of sustenance, and it is a blessing to eat. So, what should and shouldn’t we eat? Well, we can actually eat everything. I cannot push how important it is to get all of the nutrients from every food group. Although we can eat everything WITH moderation and along with a few rules. Let’s go over them:

  1. Nutritious – as in packed with nutrients like fibre and minerals. While on the other hand, low in sugar, salt and fat.

2. Clean – hygienic and safe to eat

3. Listen to your body – your body is a smart mechanism. It sends signals to your brain when you are full, react to food differently, like performing better and react to food you are allergic to.

4. Knowing your portion size – well, you cannot expect to eat 1000 more calories than what you should eat and lose weight, right?

5. Eat real – yes, this is the most important part. Eat natural, from its source and things that are meant to be eaten. Basically, what you find in the supermarket that has too long of an ingredient list and has things that you can’t even pronounce or understand, it is best to avoid them.

Sounds a bit overwhelming but I assure you, further posts and tips will helps us all understand better. Till next time, my munchies.

Your Hungry Nutritionist,

ANutr Yasmin Norazharuddin


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