Why You Should Really Consider Vegan Skin Care Products

It’s undeniable that veganism continues to change our lives. It’s not just the food we eat and the clothes we wear — even skin care brands are opting for more plant-based and cruelty-free ingredients! Here are some good reasons why you might consider switching, too:


We’ve all seen the viral videos of overcrowded animal cages in agricultural farms. Unfortunately, the practice of animal testing in the cosmetic industry only contributes to further mistreatment of our furry friends. This is why Europe has already banned the distribution of animal-tested cosmetics, along with India and some states in America. Hopefully, it won’t be long before the rest of the world follows suit in creating cruelty-free alternatives to our skin care essentials.

Do note that ‘cruelty-free’ is not the same as ‘vegan’ though the two terms are often used interchangeably. There might still be a little honey or milk in cruelty-free skin care products as long as they are sourced ethically. It can be difficult to find vegan skin care products off the rack, and you might have to order from a brand that’s certified plant-based. However, opting for skin care products that are not tested on animals is already a huge leap forward. Check your favourite drugstore brands, like The Body Shop and Lush, for the sign that says ‘not tested on animals’ just to be sure!


Sustainability is often another promise that vegan skin care lines have. It goes along with the whole concept of ethical consumption, which means supporting these brands can be very good for the planet. One way they promote sustainability is through sustainable packaging, like what Apothecary Muse does with their zero-waste containers. Even the adhesives are biodegradable and minimise the impact made on the planet! This can make a lot of difference, especially for those who use a ton of product in a month.


Last but definitely not the least, all natural ingredients can be very good for the skin. That’s why spending a little bit more on skin care is not such a bad idea, as long as the ingredients are organic and have the nourishing properties found in plants. You can make up for it by finding a product that does more than one job. One example is Kaike’s Frosting, the brand’s best-selling body butter that also works as a facial moisturiser, cleansing balm, and even as a hair care essential for women with naturally curly locks. Using multi-purpose products like Frosting can also simplify your skin care routine without sacrificing the important bits.

New York’s Dr. David Bank explains that vegan skin care is particularly helpful for people with sensitive skin, as traditional ingredients are often laden with chemicals and common irritants. Using something like Origins’ Active Charcoal Mask that only has two ingredients — activated charcoal and white China clay — will help you reduce skin exposure to these toxins. It’s all about the simple ingredients, like the healing clay in Magic Mud, that makes vegan skin care so much better than chemical-based products.

Remember: Your skin care routine doesn’t have to come at the expense of animals, the planet, and your skin!

Article contribute by: Ginny Cruz

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