Let us celebrate the strong and talented women that have changed the face of the media. In light of this special day, here are a few talented and badass women that have changed the game and made history.

Ibtihaj Muhammad: A powerful athlete and fencing champion. She became the first Muslim woman to wear the Hijab and represent the U.S.A. Ibtihaj’s talents have shined brightly, while inspiring other women to step out of their comfort zone and embrace their talents while wearing the Hijab. A reminder that just because you wear the Hijab, it doesn’t stop you from being fierce and making a change.

Dina Torkia: A U.K. based blogger that has changed the face of fashion. With her edgy and powerful style steals- she recently debuted in an official campaign for Vogue Britain! Talk about a game changer, while doing all of this- she is also a full time mum and growing YouTuber. Now that’s what you call Modestly motivating!

Noor Tagouri: A journalist based in the U.S changed the face of the media while rocking her Hijab proudly! Noor has been tackling stereotypes and embracing the screen with her broadcast journalism. Her aim is to gather real news that matters most, while working alongside her team at ‘Newsy’. Noor has furthered inspired others with her grand Ted Talk, where she explains her story of becoming a journalist in the U.S while wearing the Hijab. Isn’t she just amazing?!

These are just a few of the woman, that have impacted the masses- following a constant and growing army of women that wear the Hijab with strength and resilience. Although the Hijab can be a battle for most due to the rise of Islamophobia, it further symbolises the courage another woman goes through to take that step to wear the Hijab. The headscarf is a symbol of a woman’s choice- and a reminder of that woman’s choice.

So here’s to all the women out there, whether you wear the Hijab or not- let’s respect and stand tall for all the women that have broken barriers and changed the face of history.

We are the women that march as one.

Happy World Hijab Day!

Modestly Yours,


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